What Does a Program Manager Do? Once, I traveled halfway around the world to weather a storm.

IMAG0713 I took this picture at our retreat center in Tagaytay, The Philippines. After my first international plane flight, I arrived with a bus load of others at this retreat center around 1:30am local time. It was raining. It turns out, that rain was the front edge of a typhoon. Instead of the planned event with 600 youth and young adults from around the world, we spent half of the next day in the most amazing international fellowship I’ve ever seen (which is a polite way of saying all huddled in the dinning hall). People from all over the world sang songs from their traditions. We talked, we played games, we joked about how little sleep anyone had, and celebrated the fact that despite the damage to the facility, no one in our group was hurt. We took up an offering for the people in the community around us, some of whom worked tirelessly to make sure we had food and water before they went home to check on their own families. The next day we moved to a different facility, slept anywhere from six to 20 people in a room, and continued our work. Here’s some highlights from the two weeks that followed: IMAG0834IMAG0907IMAG0927IMAG1002IMAG1026IMAG1113