Process, Test Locations

Asking for Test Locations

I found this funny letter in my files from September of 2014. This was the first letter that asked Emmaus communities, campus ministries, and churches to be test locations for Journey to the Table.

We ended up receiving more applications that I had expected. What I thought would be a simple process of talking to interested ministries by phone, ended up as an in-depth paper application process – it was the only way I could keep them all organized!

Young Adult Spiritual Development

Program Outline

As a new offering from Emmaus ministries, the new young adult program seeks to empower leaders to be the hands and feet of Christ. We do this through a short course on Christianity and a system for ongoing accountability and community. It is intended to be a resource for communities, churches, and campus ministries to deepen the spiritual journeys of young adults and help them build faith-based peer relationships. How Does It Work? Throughout 2015, we will be running pilot programs in a few locations across the country. These pilots will vary in scope and format: some will run a series of courses, others a 3-day retreat with the same teachings. All locations will receive support from the program manager, and be asked to give extensive feedback after their pilot. After the pilot phase the program will be revised based on the feedback, and released early in 2016. What Makes a Good Pilot Location?
  • A passion and need for better ministry with and for young adults
  • A team of leaders over 18 years old to become the staff for the pilot course
  • At least one ordained clergy person to serve the staff and the pilot course
  • Provide facilities for staff preparations and the pilot course
  • Ability to recruit 12-30 young adults to participate on the pilot course
  • It is beneficial if some leaders involved have been on a Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis Flight
  • There will be a Pilot Course Covenant between each location and Emmaus Ministries outlining the way which the course should be carried out
I am happy to talk more about the program, or answer any questions you have. Geoffrey Parker