Steering Team

More About Dorian Townsend


Dorian Townsend, Who Led the Teaching Outlines JTT Steering Team.

Dorian is a Resident Assistant at the Tennessee State University Wesley Foundation. She’s also a Site Coordinator for the Freedom School at Gordon Memorial UMC in Nashville. If you haven’t heard about it, that’s a great partnership to help at-risk students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

How do you see Journey to the Table working well with young adults?

I see the program working well because each individual can derive his or her own meaning from the experience and choose how to make it applicable to his or her life. Also, the outlines and activities are designed to give participants tangible tools and resources to refer back to and to build on as they continue their journey.

How has your involvement impacted you?

My relationship with God has reached a new depth through my involvement in Journey to the Table. I had to continuously seek God throughout the process because I felt a sense of responsibility to those who will participate in this process and I knew that, even though I had the help of my great team members, God was the most important part of everything that we did.

Describe Journey to the Table in one word.