Steering Team

More About Chelsea Spyres


Chelsea Spyres, who led the Leadership part of the Journey to the Table Steering Team

How do you see Journey to the Table working well with young adults? Journey to the Table works well with young adults because it focuses on such a unique life stage. It focuses on the transition of the young adult world, whatever that transition looks like in your life and talks about how to be in a faith community and how to live out your faith wherever you are. Journey to the Table, in its name and practice invites young adults no matter where they are on this journey of life, to the table, to a place that is welcoming and life giving. It invites young adults into deeper relationship with God, whatever that looks like for them individually. How has your involvement impacted you? Being involved in Journey to the Table has allowed me to connect with many other young adults on the steering team. It has challenged me to look at my life spiritually and to reevaluate my personal relationship with God who we are inviting others to be in relationship with. Describe Journey to the Table in one word: life-giving. And yes, Chelsea, I believe that a hyphen still makes it count as one word.