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What We Have Learned So Far…


#3: Conversations can look more like art.

There’s plenty of research data out there that says people with smart phones are distracted. And there’s plenty of people in ministry who ask what to do about that. Don’t do anything. In the three tests so far, I’ve heard people specifically ask us to put away our phones only 4 times in a cumulative 7 days of experience. I’ve seen people on their phones during a conversation only twice. The Emmaus ministries that Journey to the Table comes from have a long tradition of asking people to intentionally disconnect from the outside world and be focused on the experience in front of them. So far, the people that have participated in Journey to the Table have been so engaged with one another that we haven’t needed to ask. I’ve seen conversations that include phones at times, but also include sketch pads, sound effects, notes, colorful drawings, and knitting. In all of those cases, the people in the conversation have said that what they remember most are the other people at the table. As I read all of that research data, I think this is what a relationship-focused generation looks like: conversations as art.