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Something Familiar… yet new.

12106696_594228480258_3039336815933339690_n This is a prayer I’ve said many times. I’ve said it a few times by myself, countless times with a small group of others, and many more in a room filled with people. I’ve said this prayer enough now that I generally say it the same way each time, as if the commas and pauses are all programmed into my understanding of the prayer. “Come, Holy Spirit,… fill the hearts of your faithful… and kindle in us the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit… and we shall be created…” I’ve learned the way I say this prayer from others who have said long before me, and many more times than I have. We all say it the same way. That is, until I said this prayer with a new group of people. I’ve been asked about the relationship of Journey to the Table with the family of ministries that it comes from: Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis. For me, this prayer is a perfect illustration. It is something familiar to me, and yet also something that is now new. Equally cherished, every bit as meaningful, with pauses and commas in new places, and sounding different. I’m excited to see this prayer develop new meaning to new people. Just as a group introduced me to this prayer, so too I now get to introduce others to this prayer who will say it in their own way. I can’t help but be excited about what it will look like when the Holy Spirit shows up for them. What will they be created to do?