Emmaus ministries, Journey to the Table

The Table


Journey to the Table has two great images built into it: Journey and Table.

This table, at Camp Cedar Crest in Tennessee was a great table to stand around. I stood there with a group of others while the first colors of fall were starting to show in the leaves of so many trees that almost surrounded us. There were fallen leaves on the table. There were even more leaves of then ground – enough so that you couldn’t take a step without hearing the crackling of the leaves under your feet. You were aware of everyone around you. And everyone else was aware of your presence. In JTT, the image of table starts at God’s table. We are welcome there because God first invited us and made a place for each of us. When we go to this table, we are invited to be aware of God’s presence with us. From there we can go to other tables, with other people, and do many other things. Those might be different tables, but hopefully we are still aware of God’s presence there too. I hope that everyone who experiences Journey to the Table will have the chance to be aware of God’s presence at this, first, table. Then we’ll talk about the other tables we are part of, or start for ourselves.