Emmaus ministries, Journey to the Table

The Journey

We’ve all seen them, the beautiful images with short words of wisdom telling us “life is about the journey, not the destination.” Or the funny meme the make us wonder if Abraham Lincoln really said something like, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” There’s nothing new about the image of a journey. There’s nothing new about using a journey as a metaphor for faith. There’s certainly no lack of opinions about how we might live differently if we thought of our lives in that framework.12087792_594238515148_3635589892726582974_o

Why does Journey to the Table use such a common image?

The easy answer is because so many aspects of our program come from the story of two people walk on the road to a village called Emmaus (told in Luke’s gospel, chapter 24). From the beginning of that story we are told that two people are traveling together. We’ll let the image of table speak to our desire to consider our faith together with others in Journey to the Table. The image of the journey comments more on what the environment is like while being together with others. What will we talk about, how will we talk about these things, where will we go, why will we go there? For this journey, we discuss these things with each other. In many cases there is no single, defined answer. Should I take a new job offer? Should I move to a different location? Should I study in this field? How should I think about another person? Journey to the Table is not a place for someone to give an answer to these questions. It is a place and a space where we can live with these questions together and support each other on our journey. We hope it will allow people to come together around common questions, common hopes, common struggles, and common faith to journey together.