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A Moment to be Thankful

thanksss Like so many others, I’m reminded today of so many people and things for which I am thankful. When I started working on this program almost two years ago, I understood how to design a process that could produce something helpful. What I didn’t understand is what that helpful thing could be, or how it would translate into real ministry with real people. That’s where dozens of people interceded. It started with a few new co-workers who gave so much faith and support that I felt infallible. Then 19 volunteers agreed to be part of a team and to trust the process I had outlined. They did the hard work of discussing countless issues and details about what this ministry would become. More colleagues stepped in to make it possible for me to find places to test what had yet to be written. Then people in ministry positions offered their work and influence to help test the program. I took a moment for a mental headcount of all those faces: 147. So far there have been 147 people that I’ve come face-to-face with in the process of designing and testing Journey to the Table that I didn’t know before I started. Each one of their involvement has been invaluable. That number doesn’t include all of my friends and family that have been personally supportive, nor the countless people that have prayed for each step of this process, or prepared meals, or shown up for many parts of this process that I didn’t see in-person. I’ll spare everyone of reading “Thank You” 147 times, but that would be an emphatic way to express my thoughts about all of these people. I hope this moment is a glimpse of what Journey to the Table will become. I hope it always involves more people than I could possibly thank. I hope those are the people who become most connected to this ministry. I hope that as it grows, every person involved has this moment when they realize just how many others support them the way that these 147 have supported me. Thank you.