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Faith Involves Your Brain, Too

How to survive with an intellectual faith in an emotional church.
Here’s a gem of an article that I read a couple years ago while forming thoughts about how Journey to the Table could be accessible for people with different spiritual styles. At first, I resonated personally with the writer of this article. I too have struggled trying to have a more “emotional” faith, or a more “contemplative” faith, as if I am supposed to have those kinds of faith. Over time, I’ve started to appreciate this article (and the subtle influence it has had on JTT) more for how it embraces different expressions of faith as equally beneficial. My intellectual faith grows immensely from the occasional dose of a contemplative spiritual practice. I imagine people who have a more emotional or contemplative faith occasionally grow in faith from a good intellectual study, or other practice that isn’t their normal, as well. I hope JTT gives space for all of these. I hope it gives space for people to grow from something that is close to their normal spiritual mode, and also grow from trying a new thing or two. And most importantly, I hope it’s a place where people of different spiritual modes can meet and share. After all, my favorite conversations about faith are the ones where I get to understand someone else’s point of view, and hopefully see things in a slightly new way. I hope you will enjoy those too. Source: Faith Involves Your Brain, Too