Journey to the Table

I read a Tweet a couple days ago from Krista Tippett, the host of the radio show and podcast, On Being.

In a sense, I find this statement easy to understand and agree with: the people who I love most are also people that I know well. Because I know them well, it is easy to figure out what subjects to talk about, or which to leave for later. For me, there is also a challenge here: with the people I love most, why do I not broach certain subjects? Sometimes, it is a matter of timing. My fiancee and I had a miscommunication last weekend right before we walked into a store. We found everything we needed in the store, and later addressed that conversation again that evening. That was easy to address once we had a more focused time to do so. The challenge that this Tweet brought to my mind are all the other subjects that I choose to address later with the people I know best and love most. It can be difficult at times to have conversations in which we may disagree, or may not understand each other. It may even result in me having to re-think my opinion on a topic. How can I be better at practicing these kinds of conversations with the people I love most – with whom I have the safety to disagree and still love, to challenge one another and still have great respect? Maybe that would lead to more comfort in knowing what subjects I an broach even with people who are not inside that inner circle of people. How can I start those conversations with the same amount of respect and love for all people?