Barna group presents survey results of seekers, 18 to 34 years old for the United Methodist Church. What causes people to come back to their churches?
If you make it to page 26 in the survey results, there’s an interesting pie chart that says that 79% of young adult respondents have some level of interest in spiritual development.

Who else completely agrees that:
–I am always looking for ways to improve myself,
–I desire to be uniquely myself,
–I strive to achieve emotional balance in my daily life,
–It is important for me to find support and guidance from others, or
–I meditate or pray at least once a week?

Barna survey identifies spiritual development and welcoming communities as the top reasons young adults will head for the pews.

Source: What draws people to church? Poll has insights | The United Methodist Church

What draws people to church? A new Poll has Insights.