Growth in a Transitory Time of Life

hulsebus-twists-and-turns-board-thumb-300x301-36717 (1)As exemplified in the example of the board game, LIFE: Twists and Turns (an example that I started using after I heard Dr. Chris Kiesling use it in a talk from his book, Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood), there is a lot of transition happening between 18 and 35 years old. In the midst of all of that change, how does a person grow… or grow in his or her faith?
It is important to give space for the reality that the answer to this will not be the same for everyone. Inside that space, we offer a few ideas of how people can find that avenue for growth for themselves. No matter what those changes are for one person’s life, asking great questions, taking time to reflect, and having others to journey with us makes a difference.

Refreshing. Community. An invitation to conversation.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we heard from Journey to the Table participants is something like, “I enjoyed the open conversations and the ways we talked about new ways to live out our faith as a young adult,” (an example piece of anonymous feedback from one of the participants on Journey to the Table #1 in July of 2016). Participants have described the experience with words like “refreshing,” “community,” or one of our favorite phrases, “an invitation to conversation.” This isn’t something unique to this generation. If given the chance, it seems that most people would appreciate an invitation to conversation in a refreshing community. It is in that space that we introduce spiritual practices, different ways to view Christian community, tools for spiritual growth, and an empowering message that everyone can live this out in their lives. We believe that it takes a variety of these elements, all in a safe setting to help young adults grow it their faith during this time of life.

Growth in a Transitory Time of Life

Learn a little about Journey to the Table, where it came from, and what we have learned in the process of developing this new ministry program for young adults.

Beginning in 2014, The Upper Room spent two years developing a new spiritual formation program specifically for young adults. Now, we are pleased to share what we’ve learned. This orientation is designed to be a quick and easy way to learn some of what came out of that development process. Specifically, how we have written this new program, Journey to the Table, and why we have designed it the way it is.

I hope this will spark interesting new thoughts and conversations for you, and for others you know who may be interested.

Introduction to Journey to the Table

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