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During their Journey to the Table experience, participants hear ten people’s experience each on a new topic. With each talk, we build another piece of a common foundation that we use to start faith-based conversations. These talks are not intended to contain all of the “right” answers. Rather, they are intended to give examples of how the talk-giver has thought about and what he or she has experienced related to the topic of the talk so that others may then share their thoughts and experiences with one another. These times are designed for those who may learn best by listening.

In general, these talks cover three categories of faith-based topics: internal questions of identity, what does it look like to reflect our faith in our relationships with other people, and how we act on our faith in the world around us.

There are also several experiential learning times that are part of this common foundation. We include times for self-care, Communion, and other shared experiences to build a setting of group learning. Just as the time spent listening to other’s experiences is intentionally designed to allow each participant to have his or her own response, the group experiences are intentionally designed to allow the group to learn and respond together. Using both group and individual learning styles can help more people engage in the experience as a whole.

Talks and Experiences

Learn a little about Journey to the Table, where it came from, and what we have learned in the process of developing this new ministry program for young adults.

Beginning in 2014, The Upper Room spent two years developing a new spiritual formation program specifically for young adults. Now, we are pleased to share what we’ve learned. This orientation is designed to be a quick and easy way to learn some of what came out of that development process. Specifically, how we have written this new program, Journey to the Table, and why we have designed it the way it is.

I hope this will spark interesting new thoughts and conversations for you, and for others you know who may be interested.

Introduction to Journey to the Table

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