Technology and Spiritual Life


Technology is part of our world today. Whether that is access to e-mail, time spent on a computer connecting with friends or writing a paper, streaming TV and movies, or real-time video conversations with others on a smartphone, we each interact with technology on a regular basis. We include options for using technology as part of Journey to the Table to allow participants to explore faith during the JTT experience in the same way that they will live out their faith after their JTT experience. We don’t want to accidentally teach participants that growing in faith can or should only happen in the absence of technology. Rather, how can we use the abilities that technology gives us to grow in our own faith, to have conversations with others, and to act on our faith in more beneficial ways? After all, the basic reason for most new technologies being developed is to make life easier or to offer new capabilities. We hope to include our spiritual growth in that expansion.

We will have some time to explore how we use social media, how those type of technology-based relationship tools reflect the care we wish to show for others in all relationships, how we use technology and when we chose not to use technology to grow. All of these are presented in customizable ways to allow your group to make the most of your setting. If you meet in a place that has internet access you can include the social media challenge. If you meet in a retreat setting you can just as easily discuss these topics without inviting participants to use the technology in that space. Our hope is to provide a framework where your group can receive resources for spiritual growth in a way that is best suited for them and for your context.

Technology and Spiritual Life

Learn a little about Journey to the Table, where it came from, and what we have learned in the process of developing this new ministry program for young adults.

Beginning in 2014, The Upper Room spent two years developing a new spiritual formation program specifically for young adults. Now, we are pleased to share what we’ve learned. This orientation is designed to be a quick and easy way to learn some of what came out of that development process. Specifically, how we have written this new program, Journey to the Table, and why we have designed it the way it is.

I hope this will spark interesting new thoughts and conversations for you, and for others you know who may be interested.

Introduction to Journey to the Table

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