This area is restricted to leaders of JTT Covenanting Organizations. The documents available here are intended for use only by Covenanting Organizations with approval of The Upper Room. As stated in the Annual Journey to the Table Covenant, the Covenanting Organizations agrees:

  • to offer the ministry of Journey to the Table in the covenant year.
  • to conduct its programs and events in accordance with the Journey to the Table materials, described on Appendix A.
  • to appoint a representative to be the point of contact between The Upper Room and the Covenanting Organization.
  • to seek prior written approval from The Upper Room before translating, scanning, copying or otherwise reproducing any Journey to the Table materials.
  • to seek prior written approval from The Upper Room before using any of the Journey to the Table trademarks, described on Appendix B, other than as specifically authorized in its Branding Guide.
  • to the “Intellectual Property” provisions and all other terms set out on Appendix C, which, together with Schedules A and B, is incorporated into this Covenant by this reference.
  • to promote in all of its activities the openness to diversity and the theological balance that is reflective of The Upper Room, inviting interdenominational, interracial and international participation and fostering a spirit of Christian acceptance and unity.
  • to be in regular and prompt communication with The Upper Room regarding scheduled Journey to the Table events and other developments affecting the quality of the ministry.


To download the materials, click the links below:

JTT After the Experience.pdf

JTT Position Descriptions.pdf

JTT Schedule Blocks.pdf

JTT Community Information.pdf

JTT Talk Guides.pdf

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