Journey to the Table is available to any organization interested in inviting young adults to faith-based conversations. So far we have partnered with churches, campus ministries, camps and retreat centers, regional church organizations such as Annual Conferences or Synods, and we are always looking for new partners. To find out how your organization may be able to start JTT:

  1. Learn the basics about JTT by viewing a short PowerPoint presentation, or contact us to set up a web-based initial orientation.
  2. Gather a small start-up team of people who may be able to help plan for a spiritually formative event with young adults. 3 to 6 people is ideal. This group could include: at least one young adult (18 – 35 years old), at least one person who currently, leads a ministry or group with young adults, and leaders who can authorize expenditures and partnerships for your organization.
  3. Contact us to set up a a web-based training time for your start-up team.
  4. Sign the covenant agreement for JTT, submit your payment, and download the materials.
  5. You’re ready! Recruit the rest of your team to hold the event, invite young adults to participate, and start JTT as a new piece of your ministry with those young adults.