Emmaus ministries, Journey to the Table
Merry-Christmas-Text-Design All through advent this year I’ve been thinking about what it means to look forward to something. I’ve watched candles burn, and counted days on the calendar, and made plans with friends and family,.. all waiting for something to come that I knew would eventually be here. Some of those conversations were more about the fact that a vacation was coming soon. But no other vacation makes me want to light candles to show how close it is. No other vacation makes me ask myself, “what would it mean if my actions showed how much I am anticipating what is about to happen?” There’s really only two things I can think that make me ask that type of question right now: Journey to the Table and Jesus. I’ve been planning for almost two years what it would like when JTT finally arrives. We’ll all get to see more of that soon. But I’ve also been exposed to this question of what life will look like because Jesus arrived for as long as I’ve been able to think. I’m not sure that thinking about that question more than I usually do has granted any great answers. I know that it’s made me more aware of just how grateful I am that he came. That great act of love, just coming to be present with us, is such a powerful role model for me. It’s a simple act, but also a meaningful one. It means none of us every have to be a lone. And it means I can show love to others just by being present, and proves that presence is enough. For my Christmas this ear, I’m going to see some people who are very close to me, and whom I want to show love. I hope you get the chance to show love to others also. Merry Christmas! He’s here!