Process, Test Locations

#1 Smarties are better than poker chips or pennies.

How are we supposed to balance our lives when there are so many different things that need our attention? Balancing does not mean we give everything equal attention, but instead that we give the adequate amount of attention to the things that need it, and the things that keep us growing. It also helps if you consider how you balance your life using a sweet treat. Even if you feel like your life is unbalanced, you still get to enjoy the candy. Smarties or not, we take time in Journey to the Table to look at all the different parts of our life, and see how we’re doing in the balancing act.   DCIM100GOPRO

#2 Self-care is a must.

Rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, sabbath, respite… whatever word you use for it, you’re going to need time that is set aside for you to do the things that give you life and help you be ready for everything else. It may be a kayak on a beautiful lake, a good book, a blank canvas, or a cup of coffee with a friend, or anything else you find that gives you motivation, clarity, and energy. We want to talk about self-care in Journey to the Table. More importantly, we want to give you some time for self-care in case you haven’t had any lately.  

Steering Team

Chelsea Spyres, leader of the Leadership Development steering team.

Why did you get involved with Journey to the Table?

I got involved with Journey to the Table because I wanted to help be a part of something that would have the power to connect young adults with each other and with God. After experiencing Chrysalis and helping lead many weekends I saw a need for something for young adults, and was excited about the conversation that was happening around The Upper Room which led to the creation of Journey to the Table.

Process, Steering Team

This was one of the early outlines for he role of the Steering Team.  I started working on this in April of 2014, and settled on this process as more of the Steering Team leaders agreed to serve. In a lot of ways, I’m amazed just how well we stayed on the timeline. But then again, as you read about the people who formed our Steering Team, you’ll see that it was their passion that made it work.


Steering Team Outline