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Journey to the Table has two great images built into it: Journey and Table.

This table was at Camp Casowasco in the Finger Lakes of central New York. It existed only during our Journey to the Table test with students from Syracuse University in September of 2015. Around this table, people from different groups and different faith backgrounds connected with one another – many for the first time. They had discussions, learned new things, enjoyed a beautiful camp, found new ways to connect with this table, and hoped to connect with each other more afterwards. This table started the weekend as a simple altar. Later, these posters were placed around it. Granted, the table was a convenient place to display these posters, created by the students participating in the weekend. The table itself was also changed by the presence of these posters, and of those who participated. It certainly gained more vibrant colors. By the end of the weekend, this same table received answers to two questions from each participant: What has this weekend meant to you? What are you going to do about it? Any experience can be changed by the people who are present. Think of your favorite movie, your favorite place to eat, or your favorite place in nature. How many different people have seen this with you? When different people were there, what new thoughts did they bring? What in their experience brought up something new for you as well? In many ways, God’s table never changes. But there are also ways in which we each change the table, at least for the others around it. It is our hope that everyone brings their full self to Journey to the Table. While the table is the same before we arrive, we each bring something to it and take something from it. We may have an impact on people around us while we are there, and we may be impacted by our presence. Journey to the Table is a place to come to that table with your full self, impact others and be impacted, and ultimately to go out an impact other people around other tables based on your experience.