Journey to the Table is a new spiritual formation ministry of The Upper Room specifically designed for young adults, ages 18 – 35 years old. It allows participants to explore faith through authentic teaching and it fosters open discussion through which participants can build relationships with a community of peers.

It can be used as a weekend retreat, a curriculum for up to 7 sessions, or adapted for your weekly/monthly gatherings. Through teaching, reflection, and discussion on identity, relationships, Christian action, and more, it guides participants to explore their own story, their faith journey, Scripture, and how they might use their experience and passions to transform their homes, schools, places of work, and communities.


There are currently two training courses that will help you start Journey to the Table. We are continually working on more material that can help as you start JTT, or grow it as part of your ministry with young adults.

How to Get Started

JTT is available to any organization interested in inviting young adults to faith-based conversations. Follow these steps to find out how your organization can be the next to invite young adults to these conversations.

The Curriculum

JTT has five documents designed to help your ministry create a good space to invite young adults into conversations about faith in our world. There are five documents that make up the core curriculum

Journey to the Table works well with young adults because it focuses on such a unique life stage. It focuses on the transitions of the young adult world, whatever that transition looks like in your life. It talks about how to be in a faith community and how to live out your faith wherever you are. Journey to the Table, in its name and practice invites young adults, no matter where they are on this journey of life, to the table, to a place that is welcoming and life-giving. It invites young adults into deeper relationship with God, with one another, and with themselves.

Chelsea Spyres JTT Steering Team