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Faith-based community. Authentic conversation. Inspired action.

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Journey to the Table is a spiritual formation experience for young adults offered by The Upper Room. It allows participants to explore faith through authentic teaching and fosters open discussion through which participants can build relationships with a community of peers.

Journey to the Table can be used as a weekend retreat, a curriculum for up to 7 sessions, or adapted for weekly/monthly gatherings. Through teaching, reflection, and discussion on identity, relationships, Christian action, and more, it guides participants to explore their own story, their faith journey, scripture, and how they might use their experience and passions to transform their homes, schools, places of work, and communities.


Journey to the Table is designed for young adults ages 18 – 35. It is a great resource for churches looking to reenergize their young adult ministry or college campus ministries looking to engage students in a meaningful experience.


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Journey to the Table Starter Kit

The Journey to the Table Starter Kit includes all the items you need to start planning your event, including:

  • All position-specific resources, including Talk Guides and position descriptions
  • The event Leaders’ Manual and Team Manual
  • The schedule

This kit is designed to be your one-stop shop for Journey to the Table. It includes PDF downloads of all the manuals so you can share them with your team.


Individual manuals are also available for purchase separately.

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Leaders’ Manual


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Team Manual


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Position-Specific Resources


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Schedule Blocks